WPS CHOD Network continues to be a platform to translate the WPS agenda from policy to military practice in war and peacetime. It gives me great honour to embark on such an important role as the new Chairman of WPS CHOD Network.


At the outset, I congratulate Canada and its armed forces for championing the cause of women and for the successful tenure as Chairman of WPS CHOD Network. Canada including UK and Bangladesh started the network, and Canada has done very commendable job after taking over the chairmanship of from UK in 2019. It has prepared WPS CHOD Network Charter. It also contributed tremendously to raise the number of member state of WPS CHOD Network from 39 to 56. I am taking the opportunity to personally thank General Wayne Eyre, Chief of Defence Staff of Canada and his incredible staff for their contributions to the development of the WPS CHOD Network.

As we all know, United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325 established the Women Peace and Security (WPS) agenda on 31 October 2000. This is a great initiative in improving the quality of life of all, especially for women. Following that, the purpose of the WPS CHOD Network is to provide a collaborative platform for CHODs who have committed to advance the WPS agenda within their defence forces. This network supports their efforts to build internal capacity and expertise. The initiatives of this network is reflected in growing women participation and successes in UN PKO.

It is my sacred obligation to carry forward the legacy of previous chairmen and advance further. I would request all members of this network to be focused to implement respective National Action Plan. This year, Bangladesh Armed Forces have already conducted a national level workshop on WPS on 12 January 2022. We are planning to take this initiative further by hosting an international workshop in Bangladesh in 2022. We also have a plan to interact in the sidelines of the UN CHODs network in the UNHQ New York in October 2022. We would be particularly eager to increase our members and implement the WPS agenda further.


Our firm realization is that, integrating different understanding, experiences and capabilities of women in all aspects of UN peace operations is essential for success. Women participation is proved to be very effective in resolving conflict and bringing peace and harmony within the community. Therefore, we are determined to increase the female participation to fulfil the target set by UN.


I am certain, with our combined efforts, we shall be able to contribute more effectively for the peace in the globe better.

Andrew Tihonov Designer

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