Vice Admiral (VAdm) Antonette WEMYSS GORMAN
Chief of Defence Staff, Jamaica Defence Force
Chairperson, Women, Peace, and Security Chiefs of Defence (WPS CHODS) Network


Dear Members and Colleagues of the WPS CHODS Network,

It is my privilege to assume the role of Chairperson for the Women, Peace, and Security Chiefs of Defence (WPS CHODS) Network, following the stellar leadership of General Micael BYDÉN, Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces.

The United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325 has guided our collective efforts, acknowledging the disproportionate impact of armed conflict on women and girls, underscoring the historical exclusion of women from decision-making processes, and emphasizing the essential role they play in conflict prevention and resolution. As CHODs our mission is to integrate gender perspectives into peace and security initiatives and to ensure the meaningful participation of women in these vital areas.

As Chair my primary goal is to enhance the internal capacity of our Network members, enabling them to further the objectives of the WPS agenda. This focus on capacity-building is crucial as we strive to deepen our impact and broaden our reach. One of our key strategies will involve developing and leveraging online platforms, including our official website and social media channels, to shine a spotlight on the initiatives and achievements of our members. We will use these platforms to highlight women in the armed forces, the opening of non-traditional military roles, and events that promote the WPS agenda. By highlighting these efforts, we aim to inspire and encourage all members to take bold actions that advance our shared goals.

I am committed to fostering a collaborative environment where experiences, best practices, and lessons learned are actively shared. By identifying and leveraging the expertise of countries that have made significant progress in implementing the WPS agenda, we can offer valuable support to those at earlier stages of development. This mutual assistance will be instrumental in driving forward our collective mission.

Promoting a more inclusive approach to the WPS agenda is another critical aspect of our strategy. We will work to resocialize the concept of Women, Peace, and Security, emphasizing that it involves both men and women and requires their joint effort. This includes advocating for gender-responsive training for command and senior leadership and highlighting the indispensable role of women in operations, peace negotiations and conflict resolution.

As we move forward together, I am deeply committed to building on the successes achieved by my predecessors and addressing the challenges that lie ahead. Our mission is to ensure that gender equality and the inclusion of women in peace and security become integral to all our Defence establishments. I look forward to working closely with each of you to further our shared vision and create a safer, more inclusive CHODS Network

Warm regards,

Vice Admiral
Chief of Defence Staff
Jamaica Defence Force

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