Principal Staff Officer (PSO), Armed Forces Division (AFD) of Bangladesh, Lieutenant General Waker-Uz-Zaman is the current Chair of WPS Chiefs of Defence (CHODs) Network is almost nearing the end of his tenure since his assumption of the appointment on 08 February 2022 from Canadian Chief of Defence. As such, we intended to handover the Chair of WPS CHODs Network to the Supreme Commander of Swedish Armed Forces. The Chairmanship Handover-takeover ceremony of WPS CHODs Network is planned on 01 June 2023 in digital platform. The sequence of event is appended below.

The zoom link for virtual meeting will be shared soon.


Date:   01 June 2023 (2000 hours BDT/1600 hours CEST/1400 hours UTC/1000 hours NYT)

Place:   Bangladesh and other member countries will connect via zoom.

Dress:  Uniform with ribbons

Publication:     Will be posted on WPS website.


Sequence of events:

  1. Communication check with all concerns (one hour before start the meeting).
  2. Introduction with an over view of ceremony (MC).
  3. Short introduction of participating members.
  4. Remarks of Chair of WPS CHODs Network (Lieutenant General Waker-Uz-Zaman) (5 minutes).
  5. MC will turn over to the Swedish CHOD.
  6. Remarks by Swedish CHOD, General Micael Bydén (5 minutes).
  7. Open Discussion of WPS issue by member countries (if any).
  8. MC will close the event.
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